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    • I've had the idea for something like the History of the Web for a long, long time. I built my first website when I was 16, and I have what I've come to find out is a fairly familiar story. Someone showed me the web, and I immediately fell in love. I built a website for my band and some of my classmates artwork, and before I knew it, it was where I spent all my time. It's where I found my identity, and eventually, my career. 

      My time in college was mostly spent doing long stretches of research and writing meticulous academic papers for my history major. Once upon a time I thought of even being a professor myself, but alas. Still, I consider myself a history aficionado and it informs most of the work
      that I do.

      So history of the web the kind of idea that would sit on a shelf and every once in a while, I'd dust off and try to figure out something to do with it. Every time I did though, it wouldn't feel quite right. At one point, I even collaborated for a short while with Troy Finamore, who continues to do web and Internet history research at Drexel University. 

      But it was a former boss of mine, creator of his own excellent newsletter Now I Know Dan Lewis, who inspired me to to spin the idea off into a newsletter of my own. It was perfect, because my readers and subscribers could be an integral part of the research process, and I'd be able to share stories as I went about excavating the web's history. Crucially, it didn't have to be perfect, and I could iron out the details as I went along. Everything I found out, my readers would find out with me, and that is an incredibly powerful motivator.