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    • It's funny because I think if you asked me that a year ago, I'd say yes, without question. Much like the newsletter, the timeline is constantly shifting, and I honestly doubt it will ever be fully complete. My first newsletter posts always included one or two or three timeline entries that accompanied it. The general idea was that my research was actually in pursuit of filling out the timeline, little by little. And the newsletter was really just a side effect of that, fun and interesting stories I dug up while building that timeline out.

      More recently however, the site, the timeline, and the newsletter have become more like different parts of a more disparate whole. I'm continuing to add to the timeline, and not always as a direct result of the newsletter. And in the last few months, I've been using the newsletter as a place to take a much longer view of the web's history and spell out the whole story, in order, chapter by chapter. Of course, the newsletter and site has plenty of the old stuff, a fun interesting tidbit from the web's history and a few more milestones to add to the timeline. But it's really evolved, and I recently re-designed the site to try and express the way in which the different parts connect (though I'm always open to feedback there).