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    • One of Trey's heroes is Kevin Kelly, author of a book about the forces that will shape our technological future. Kevin organized the event and Trey posted about it last week.

      I was moved by the idea but I decided not to post about it here until I had read Kevin's book, which I didn't know about even though it was a New York Times bestseller. Anyway, I thought youz might like to see behind the scenes at the forces that help shape Trey.

      My question for you: do you ever organized trips like this, maybe a cruise, hike, or getaway just to talk to fascinating people about world events, technology, or the future?

    • I wouldn't go as far as to call Kevin Kelly my hero (because I don't really have heroes, I think, at least not in the most popular meanings of the word), but that is an intensely familiar name, and I have followed his writings for quite some time; in particular, he's one of the main drivers beyond the "Quantified Self" movement waaaay before it became fashionable to put fitbit gadgets on everything that moves. Hiking the Camino with him must have been pretty awesome (slotted some time to fully read Trey's post in its entirety including videos).

      And in response to the original question - I never organized anything with people of such, should I say, celebrity scale, but definitely did some outings, mostly hikes, back in and around St.Petersburg, to talk with interesting people about stuff. We even did a horseback riding trip once.

      The most difficult part of such organization, besides herding cats, is achieving the balance between enough people and too much people, and making sure everyone is stable enough to get along well enough. It's a type of ultimate moderator's RL challenges :)

    • I have a confession to make: I have a fear of getting trapped with people when I'm starting to get bored. Online, I can flit from topic to topic and exit anytime I please. In person it sounds like my worst nightmare to have to be pleasant and engaged all day with anyone. I'm glad Trey love it, but I don't see how I could ever do it.

    • That's why a hike or a horseback ride is perfect for these things. You can't get trapped - you can just sneak into the bushes and beat your own trail or literally ride into the sunset :) Nature or even just whichever landscapes are available on a Camino will never bore you and will speak to you in a language you understand.

      Also, pleasant discussion in such circumstances is a skill. It can be self-taught, almost exactly like one can train not to get twitchy when the phone rings. You *don't* have to pick it up, or even pay it any attention. Same thing here.