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    • For the last weeks we are watching older and new films, documentaries about environment. And personally I don't like just to hear all the negative impact. I believe we need some positive approach and solutions.

      And here is a new documentary from amazing D. Attenborough who spent his entire life exploring and learning about our planet. A beautiful piece of work with great simple and reasonable solutions!

      Again it is so easy to watch and to understand so it can be a great homeschooling afternoon for all the family πŸ™‚πŸŒ

    • I was just about to post that! I had even gone to the trailer and copied the URL before I saw your conversation.

      I watched it with 4 homeschooled kids aged 6 to 13 and they LOVED it. So did I and I'm an earth scientist.

      He is 93 and he looks great, + sharp as a tack, still focused on making a difference.

      I also love that he said one of the best things we can do to save ourselves is eat plants. That's a big thing for my family.

      And I loved all his retrospectives from when he was first starting his career 70 years ago. Fantastic footage and stories. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • I think David Attenborough is one of my favourite humans on the planet.

      Apart from the fact that for more than half a century he has made truly groundbreaking and beautiful documentaries about the natural world, he just seems to be a genuinely good person.

      He calls this film his 'witness statement' and it's a truly powerful one, from a man who has probably as much first-hand knowledge and observation of climate change, extinction and the damage humans do, as anyone alive.

    • Mind power!!! 😁 I am happy that the kids liked it! Love the fact that more and more sciences documentaries are presented in a way that most of people can understand it without having deep knowledge and take a place while having discussions.

    • Very recommended watching.

      A lot of it was not surprising but did put in focus how the earth has changed in his lifetime.

      I liked his recommendations at the end on how to address several factors, the one that surprised me the most was increasing everybody standard of living as when that happens birth rates go down and over a 30-50 year timespan the world population, and hence it's demand on the worlds resources will go down through natural attrition.