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    • I know a lot of people like getting helicopter-like shots with their drones, but I've always preferred the flatter, more map-like shots. I feel they are more unusual, since it's a perspective we can almost never get naturally. With its volcanic landscapes, Hawaii offers more opportunities for flatscape drama than most.

      These are the Makapu'u Tidepools, as seen from above. The crashing waves of the rising tide, combined with the green brine pools make for a striking image. I'm pretty happy with this shot, but I did learn one thing: Shooting at high noon is as boring and difficult on flatscapes as it is on the ground, and the Mavic's camera doesn't deal with the brightness very well either.

    • Wow, that's beautiful. Do you have more photos? My boyfriend's parents have a condo on Maui and we're thinking of going. I've never been but people talk about it like it's paradise. It's right on the water.

    • Yep! If you follow the Hawaii topic, I'll be posting more photos there. I'm only giving them out one at a time ;) But I guess I can post a bonus here!

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