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    • A thought crossed my mind today as I read the term Google+ refugee. I'd read it before and thought nothing of it, but today it struck me as a very first world misuse of a very serious word.
      Should we use the word refugee, it seems insulting to all those actual refugees out there who have lost everything, their homes, family even the country they were born in.
      We've only lost a social media platfrom.
      Any thoughts?

    • I know it's not meant as anything mean hearted but when coming from a position of privilege as we do I think we need to be more careful. Thats all

    • i agree that we need to be careful about words and that the situation of people fleeing oppression is serious.

      but i am not sure that we should be too quick to dismiss the seriousness of the G+ situation. I agree that many players in G+ come from a position of privilege, and that the loss of the platform can be shrugged off without much thought. But, at its core, there are many elderly users from every place in the world, some of whom have no other social community beyond the virtual friends they have made within the platform. Recently i have tried to help a couple of these understand what has happened, and how they might adapt and move on. It was a heartbreaking experience. I feel keenly that i failed.

      The destruction of one of the great libraries of the world, and the innumerable communities that came to live in it, is a personal nightmare for an almost blind artist in the Rajasthan and a bed-bound grandmother in Budapest. They found a safe home in G+ and now it is burning :(

      I understand and respect your position, but i am not sure i agree.