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    • My wife and I have this saying between us. “Everything Sells” It was born from an old fiberglass tent trailer and an aluminum boat that we had beaten the rivets out of with use. We put them up for sale and by golly they took some time to sell but they did.

      We no longer have possessions to speak of. We do not miss them. We sold them all. I get teased all the time because my most valuable possessions are rocks. Yet still we are constantly recycling old needed items and selling them. Every few months we just go thru our crap and decide to sell some more stuff.

      We primarily use craigslist e-bay and offer up. We’ve done the swap meet thing for years really enjoy the whole swap meet atmosphere.

      What do you folks use to sell your unneeded junk?

    • letgo is pretty popular at least in buffalo ny. Another great place is Facebook groups usually dedicated to a county or geographical area like one example is we have an erie county virtual yardsale group.

    • I have tons of old gadgets and random computer equipment that I don't use anymore, but I hate all the work and social interaction involved in selling stuff, so it just collects dust in my basement until I can manage to give it away to friends or family or donate it.

      I sure would love to have less junk, but I'm too lazy to get rid of it. 🤔

    • Freecycle! My wife loves it and we unload tons of stuff that way. It always pains me to see it go because I get sentimental and also I think, "I coulda sold it on eBay and got some monies for it." But then I sell some stuff on eBay and have to go to all the work answering questions, packing it up, and having the buyer not pay or return it when they change their mind. So back to freecycle.

    • Craigslist. Rarely. I mostly don't like the hassle of selling so instead add stuff that could possibly be sold to the things that the local charities pick up at the end of your driveway every month or so. Or I put a "free" notice in the forum for the local neighborhood.

      I recently sold a bunch of ham gear on Craigslist. The buyer thanked me by saying this: "I truly appreciate that you did all the dirty work of haggling the price down before I got involved."

    • Goodwill is one of our favorites. Always fun to check it out here when the snowbirds leave. They always clear out some interesting stuff.

      Craigslist works well for us also. The scammers have gotten more interesting as time goes on. lol

    • My grandparents died. They were married 74 years. One month apart they died both on a full moon. I watched her kiss him a month before he died. He said “I love you my pet” she said “I love you too.” Right smack on the lips one where she pressed into his lips and held it there for full feeling, while he held her hand with love.

      Needless to say they loved each other.

      They left behind a house full of junk and a shop full of everything a guy would need to fix anything. Maybe even the space shuttle. I filled two forty foot containers with junk and hauled it to the dump. JUNK!

      How much is enough stuff to live a nice life and maintain that life.

      I don’t know but I’m thinking two fourty foot dumpsters is more than one needs.