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    • Seafood is a great source of protein, fat, and many vitamins, so catching fish and shellfish would get you off to a pretty good start. But one of my main concerns would be not dying of scurvy, and ocean seafood isn't a very good source of vitamin C.

      Coconuts have some vitamin C, but not a ton, so assuming there are coconut trees on the island, that's an option. But you'd need to consume a lot of coconut milk and meat to stay healthy. I'm not crazy about coconut, so I think my one airdropped food item would have to solve the vitamin C problem.

      The good news is that potatoes are a great source of vitamin C! So I'm with @NikkyJ on this one.

      Science says a human couldn't stay healthy eating only potatoes for an extended period, but I think a mixed diet of seafood and potatoes could sustain a human indefinitely, and would be pretty tasty too.

      If you really had to survive indefinitely eating only a single thing, there is some precedent for humans surviving by eating only whales, but whales aren't exactly easy prey. 🐳