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    • Pretty exciting news in the console gaming arena if you're a Playstation owner such as myself. Sony is allowing Fortnite to be it's first cross-console game! Now players who own different systems can play with eachother online!

      For so long these systems have been islands to their customer base, not allowing this. But finally some of the ice is thawing and the companies are adapting to modern times.

      I personally don't play Fortnite, but hope that this leads to more games in the future being cross play, such as Borderlands and what not.

    • Wow. I did not think they would open up. I guess the pressure got to them. Apparently if you played Fortnite with a PS, it would prevent you even using your Fortnite/Epic account on other systems.

    • The one thing the internet has done (for good and evil) is give the ability for crowds of people to have their voice heard. This is one instance where this power was used for good!

      I really hope it leads to more cross platform games. Let the consoles compete with their exclusives, tech advancements, hardware specs and price points.

      Don't make an artificial bubble just to try to keep a customer base. It's like video game console gerrymandering! Instead, make the customers happy and they'll flock to your products.


    • I remember back when we first started talking about cross platform play, with games like Halo and Counterstrike and what not. There was real concern (that I shared) that certain devices would have unfair advantage. The primary example being mouse and keyboard with a computer having far more accuracy for an FPS.

      I don't play a lot of multiplayer games these days. It does seem like Fortnite doesn't matter quite as much.

    • Xbox just announced they are allowing keyboard and mouse... I believe ps already allowed this. It may even the playing field a bit. Especially since the consoles are really just glorified computers at the end of the day.

    • If someone who owns an XBox feels like someone who has a PC (keyboard/mouse) has an advantage there is nothing that prevents said person from also getting a PC as well. Yeah, it's expensive, but so is just getting an XBox in the first place (or any of these systems).

      In my unscientific opinion, the people I think who would care about the difference in latency/performance are the people who would always get the best machine to fit their needs. Or just get them all. Hehe.

    • If someone who owns an XBox feels like someone who has a PC (keyboard/mouse) has an advantage there is nothing that prevents said person from also getting a PC as well.

      I'm in favor of giving players the option to play in cross-platform matches, but there is actually something that prevents me from playing FPSes on PC: it causes symptoms of repetitive stress injury in my wrists. 🙁

      Many years ago I was an avid PC FPSer and was pretty deadly with a keyboard and mouse, but I started having wrist pain. After trying a variety of things (including switching to using my left hand for mousing, and even getting pretty decent at playing FPSes with my left hand on the mouse), I finally realized that the one thing that was doing the most damage was using the mouse in FPS games. Once I quit doing that, my RSI symptoms went away, and they've only returned when I've tried playing a PC FPS again.

      So these days I only play FPSes on consoles, since game controllers are much more ergonomic. I'm not as good with a controller, but it's my only option if I want to avoid causing further damage to my wrists.

    • That's a very good point.

      Accessibility is different for all sorts of people and my other comment totally dismissed that. Changes like this will open up more social gaming opportunities to those who have the limited access. The best part of online gaming (to me) are the friends you make, and this type of change helps opens that world up.

      I'm glad you found a way that is enjoyable and comfortable for you to keep on gaming, though! I also used to only do PC gaming, especially FPS.

      I thought for the longest time that keyboard + mouse was the only way to be really good at an FPS. Now I exclusively play with controllers on my Playstation.

      I didn't stop for any health reasons myself, more of just convenience. One system is enough for me. And I do enjoy my PS4.

      One of my favorite co-op FPS games is Borderlands. I played this game a ton with my sister with the local co-op mode. Sadly, this game isn't cross platform though so I cannot play with her anymore. (She lives across the country with an Xbox 360 version of the game).

      I do hope that with Fortnite becoming cross platform, this leads to more games (like Borderlands!) doing the same.

    • the one guy i work with found that out the hard way i guess.. i personally don't play fortnite... but a ton of people do!