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    • Thanks for the correction. Despite being an extra $150, the Li-Ion seems like the deal.

      Might be a crazy question, but I'll ask anyway: can any of these batteries jump start a car? Currently, I drive with a jump start battery. One less thing to bring if I don't need one.

    • Keep in mind that, currently, there is no sustainable method to recycle/recoup the materials in Li-Ion batteries. The chemistries of these battery types varies wildly and they can be manufactured for very specific applications, based on ambient temperature ranges, capacity, tolerance to discharges, cell structure, etc... nearly 180 degrees from industry-standard battery composition and chemistry. Even when I attend BattCon, there is not as much interest in the Li-Ion applications for industrial sites vs. VLA, AGM, etc...

      They're fine for UPS applications where fast switch-over sites are critical, but far too unpredictable and fault-prone to act as standby power for substations, etc...