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    • they make curved panels for sailboats, they also sell fabric panels, sounds like you need to break out the hot glue gun. A top box solar camp battery portable shower and gear storage thread coming soon.....

    • Personally, I feel strongly that my solar panels ought to be highly mobile. Mounting them onto a rooftop rack is ok...but I personally insist on arrangements where they are easily dis-mountable. Reason being...I *often* seek shade when I park my tent/trailer/RV/car. That is the *opposite* of what your solar panels need. And solar panel output drops precipitously when not in direct full sunlight. My boulder panels have a sturdy aluminum frame that can be jerry-rigged into a rooftop rack if you're ambitous. But I don't see the value of doing that. When I'm in my vehicle, typically I'm cranking an'm getting my juice from the fuel I'm already burning. When my vehicle / trailer is parked, the panels get moved to where the sun is.