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    • I've been recently wondering if people are going to go crazy and party a ton in the first bit. Maybe it'll be a slow return to normal. Not sure of course but I'm curious how it'll affect how people do things and how it'll make certain older ways of doing things extra desirable again. It would certainly feel weird to squeeze your way through a crowded bar.

      I'm looking forward to touching people, hugging, actually hanging out and doing things without having to keep so much space between me and the world. I don't really think there's anything different I want to do other that just hanging out with everyone again.

      Is there anything special you are really looking forward to doing or that you're really struggling to be without?

      Oh wait, movie theatre!!!! Dang I miss the movie theatre.

    • Travel, much more than just in local areas. Right now closed borders and all other volatile and permanently changing restrictions killed any desires for international trips for me. Sadly, I don't see this in 2021 the way it started..