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    • Hmm. Are you using Android or Microsoft Edge, by any chance? For compatibility reasons those platforms get a basic editor that doesn't currently support embeds.

      If you're not getting the basic editor, try deleting the URL, paste it in again on its own line, and press Return. That should create an embed.

    • It was all done in the up-to date Chrome on a Mac. Deleting and re-adding on a line of its own worked from the 3rd try; my only guess is that I have an editing tic of sorts (PTSD from MS Word :) ) where I add newlines by hitting Shift-Enter, not just Enter. Would that disrupt the embed sensing?

    • Yep, that would do it! Shift+Enter creates a line break, but not a new paragraph. 😬

      It's funny: when we designed Cake's editor, we really wanted to avoid the problem so many other editors on the web have where you have to train yourself to press Shift+Enter or Alt+Enter to get a new line without submitting the form. But it turns out that's become an ingrained habit for lots of people, so some people don't even realize they're doing it.

    • It's not only about the accidental submit. It's also (at least for me) about all the unpredictably unpleasant vertical interline space changes. I get the WYSIWYG idea, but for a communicative/discussion platform there is a bit of uncanny valley somewhere in there - just how much typography-grade layout you want to mimic on the web page with your post.

    • It's an interesting video, but I wonder how much is hype. While there is certainly progress being made in many areas, I find it a little curious that we rarely hear about failures. There certainly must be some, but I suppose a VC firm isn't going to talk about them. I was glad to hear that a bit of attention was given to ethics, but it seemed like a bit of an afterthought, not central to the mission and maybe more of a PR move than a real concern. It seems to be hard to find discussions that are neither dystopian nor fantasy--surely the truth is somewhere in the middle.