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    • Just received the message shown below. Is it me or is the tone message (especially the subject) a bit too aggressive and condescending?

      To top it off, there is no unsubscribe link!

    • FWIW...I have three Gmail accounts but only access from my desktop. I use a Bluemail app. On my desktop they "forced" me to update to their new version which I will assume is way more sophisticated in harvesting every morsel of datamining from my email behaviour.

    • I don't know what is happening with Google. For the longest time, they had a cool vibe that used words like "I'm feeling lucky" and "Don't be evil." Flickr had that in the beginning, Slack has it, I like to think SmugMug and ADVrider had it in their beginnings. It made Google feel like one of us, a human company we could identify with.

      Maybe it's just hard to maintain as the initial founders get swept into public offerings and scaling, yada. But Steve Jobs was able to do it at Apple when he returned and Elon does it at Tesla, no?

      This message just seems so in your face.

    • I've used a third-party app on my phone for the last couple of years and every once in a while I get this same message. I get it, Google wants you using GMail so they can [a] feed you ads and [b] have more control over your device, but yes, the reminders are sort of cumbersome and can sound demanding. Sort of like when I access Gmail, G+ or any other Google service via Firefox or (yes, I use it occasionally) Edge and Google puts "warnings" all over the pages telling me their services work better in Chrome.

      Now, don't get me wrong, Google makes some good services, but believe it or not, one size does not fit all. Google needs to learn this - or re-learn it.