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    • This one is easy for me, my favorite season is Winter. I know, I'm weird that way but I love winter. The crisp, clean white snow, the crispness of the air and the peacefulness that winter can be.

      I realize the downsides of winter, I live in the Chicago area. No, it's not fun to drive in. Yes, shoveling gets old. But, when is the last time you went out and actually PLAYED in the snow? Made snow angels? Threw snowballs?

      Maybe part of the reason I love it is that there are seldom any other photographers (or people in general) out in it when I'm out. It's quiet. You can hear the wind in the trees and the dead leaves skittering across the ice. It is the best time to just BE in nature.

    • I agree on Winter but for different reasons. Normally winter is the season of death, but in California it is the season of life. In the summer everything dies from the heat, but in winter the rains come and turn everything green.

    • Lauri Novak

      That's an interesting take, I never thought about it in the "warm" climates where winter is much more tolerable for people, animals and plant life. Great perspective.

    • My favorite season is whatever season is new!

      I live in Portland, Oregon where we typically have sunny summers and dreary, drizzly winters. By the end of winter I'm always dying for the sun to come out, but by the end of summer I'm always dying for the rain to come back. 😄

    • Ha! That's funny. I couldn't decide which season I liked best but that has a lot of truth to it. The only thing is, I don't like winter in the SF Bay Area because it's too dark and wet to bike in the evening, which I like to do.

    • Summer is my favourite as i love the heat. Although lately we've had humidity, which is not normal as i live in a hot dry part of Australia. Creatively the landscape is prettier in Spring & Autumn. But i'm trying to find beauty whatever the season. It's winter right now & we had or first local frost last night. I couldn't help photographing my dogs paws in the frost :-)

    • Good for you for finding beauty in whatever season because there is beauty in each one. I'm with you though on the humidity, it's been horrible here the last few days in Chicago. Today we get a little reprieve - whew!

      You should share the paws in frost photo with us! :) Thank you for contributing to the conversation.

    • That makes sense too. Variety is the spice of life after all. I have friends in that area and can remember seeing them post about wanting the rain, or the sun depending on the time of year.

    • The darkness so early in the winter is the downside as it sort of forces people back inside. An ideal winter would be like a summer in the Arctic - but maybe not 24 hours of sun. :)