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    • As epic of a pano as this is, the story behind it is just mind blowing. Eight months of preparation to get one minute of useable shooting time. Shot of a lifetime taken with frozen fingers in extreme weather and hope of a perfect shot. 😮

      I wonder what it will take for Renan to let me use the high resolution version of this pano as my desktop wallpaper?

    • I saw this post on my laptop at home this morning, first thing I did was open it again when I got to the office on my imac it's a truly wonderful image.

    • Chris,

      The link just takes me to the front page of his SmugMug account. I looked around for a still of his drone but could not find it. If you have a link to a photo of the drone could you post it, please?

      Edit: For some reason, this morning the link worked for me.

    • This 360* panorama shot reminds me of the stunning America the Beautiful film that played in a round theater at Disneyland for years and years. (Closed in 1997.) I would love to see this shot of Mt. Everest in a venue like that!

      Thanks for sharing, @kevin!

    • Huh. That's so odd but thanks for letting me know. My understanding is this drone (image attached below) is typical for the astounding footage he shoots for his various mountaineering films but it's not the drone he just used for this Everest project. Far as I can tell, he got help from DJI to heavily modify one of their drones.

      Here's a trailer showing some of his incredible high-altitude mountaineering footage:

    • Honestly... the English language does not possess a word to communicate the immensity of that image... overwhelming, awesome, amazing, majestic.. all those really do well enough to describe the details, but fail to encompass the weight of it. An astounding accomplishment by the photographer.