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    • Chris
      Chris MacAskill

      Chanderjeet! Are you still living in India? Still going on fantastic motorcycle adventures or did the little one put a stop to that?

    • Chanderjeet

      Hi Chris, I moved to Sweden 5 years ago. Haven't been on any rides. Even worse, the only rides that I have been on are on the bus. :D
      Little one is turning 8 soon. Time flies but I hope to get my driving license here so adventures are around the corner (I hope)

      And congrats on flickr :)

    • Chanderjeet

      Hi Russ, Things are very good. I really like it here :)
      Come visit us someday !

    • RussP
      Russ in Sydney

      Will do, same applies if you visit Sydney.šŸ‘

    • Chris
      Chris MacAskill

      Wow, Chanderjeet, what a change! How is life in Sweden compared to India? It seems like I've traveled the world but I've never been to either country.

    • Chanderjeet

      sweden is very very good country to live in. beautiul, calm and just perfect. its not very overwhelming and still a metro city in its own unique way. come visit us someday.

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