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    • Really? 1/50th at 800mm?? Really? One has to shoot with 800mm lenses to truly understand how remarkable it is to have a sharp image at 1/50th sec at 800mm handheld.

      Show off!! Remarkable.

      My R5 is ordered, but I have no idea when it will show up yet. My only 800mm long is a bit heavier, a Sigma 300-800 from about 2005 vintage or so. Almost always shot from a tripod with a Wimberly head. Not hand held, for sure.

      Was this shot late in the day or in the shade in a very overcast day perhaps?

    • Agreed, until I got this set up I shot with the sigma 150-600 Sports, a heavey set up and almost always on a tripod, and Gimbal head as well and for most decent shots a wireless remote to eliminate any shake from releasing the shutter, the Fredom this set up is giving me is somethign else, I really shot put it all on teh tripod and gimbal to see what effect that has, but for now since I've had this the tripod hasn't left the car. Full settings below. I think your going to enjoy your R5 when it gets there.

    • I can’t stand it anymore. I ordered my R5 2 hours after the press event and nothing so far.

      Then Glenn MADE me buy an 800mm f/11, so it will just get dusty while I wait. I tried to rent an R5 from Borrowlenses, but some jerk got there first.

      My life is so hard.

    • Black-faced Cuckooshrike (Coracina novaehollandiae) in the shade, showing how the shadows work as camouflage. In the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan.

    • Male Satin Bowerbird (Ptilonorhynchus violaceus) in the Australian Botanic Gardens Mount Annan. Taken last Saturday. I get a pair of these in the back yard from time to time.

    • I want to visit these botanical gardens, your pics are fantastic.

      We used to visit the one at Mt Tomah in the Blue mountains every few years.

      We are moving from Sydney to the southern highlands at the end of October so will be closer.

    • Plenty of great spots down the southern highlands as well the bushland around lake Alexandria in Mittagong is great this time of year, the bushland becomes alive withs the bright red Waratahs coming out about now.

    • Yes they are amazing and some grow so large as wellsome of the ones down Mittagong were the largest I've seen, these ones below are from the Australian Botanic Gardens. The birds love em.

    • We got to the party about two and walked straight out the kitchen to put some booze in the
      And you wouldn't believe it, there's Boomer's wife Warra sitting there trying to platypus!
      Now, I don't like to speak Illawarra, but I was shocked; I mean how much can a koala bear?
      So I grabbed a beer, flashed me Wangaratta and went out and joined the party

      Pretty soon Ayers Rocks in and things really started jumping
      This Indian girl Marsu turns up, dying to go to the toilet, but she couldn't find it
      I said to me mate Al, "Hey, where can marsupial?"
      He said "She can go outback with the fellas, she's probably seen a cockatoo"

      Well just then Warra comes out of the kitchen with a few drinks for everybody
      Fair dinkum, you've never seen a Coolabah maid
      I grabbed a beer and said, "Thanks Warra – tah"

      A couple of Queensland at the party, one smelling pretty strongly of aftershave
      One of them sat down next to me and I turned to him and I said, "Ya know mate, Eureka Stockade!"

    • The Australian Reed-Warblers (Acrocephalus australis) have returned for Spring in the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan. The Spring birds are all making their way back now.

    • Spring is in full swing, I went for a ride on my pushbike on Monday and Tuesday this week and the birds are in full attack mode.

      In bicentennial park there is one stretch covered by a Magpie, a Grey Butcher bird and a pair of Masked lap wings.

      After being swooped I stopped and watched a few cyclists come through it was hilarious.

      Many new migrants in the area who are unfamiliar with being attacked from above.🤣

    • Superb Fairy-wrens (Malurus cyaneus) in the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan Saturday morning. Shows you can still get the creamy backgrounds with the 800mm f11 if you get the right angle to get the background to subject and subject to Camera right.

    • A regal Australian Raven, (Corvus coronoides) posing for its portrait in the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan. It’s got that faraway look like some classic portraits painting have where everyone wonders what the subject is thinking, which is usually will you hurry up and paint my neck is killing me. Wonder what this one is thinking?