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    • Yellow-rumped Thornbill
      (Acanthiza chrysorrhoa) taken last Saturday in the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan, south west of Sydney. 

    • I love seeing your work, Glenn. You have such lovely non-distracting backgrounds and I know that is the result of a lot of patience, and a lot of work. Shooting small birds well can be so much harder than large raptors or other large birds. Small birds prefer to perch back in the trees with lots of branches about them, so that it can be quite challenging to get clean backgrounds like with your Thornbill above, but they are so lovely to look at as displayed above. Very nice!

    • Thanks @Pathfinder Yes can get tricky, the Smaller ones certainly move around a bit as well, not ones for staying still to long. To get the clear background you suually have to move about a few steps one way or another to get a clean background. The creamy background is achived with shallow depth of field, which is often a ratio of camera to subject, subject to back ground. Smaller apeture helps but you need to have a large enough aperture to allow for enough depth of field to cover the whole bird.

    • This one taken last Saturday in the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan. Eastern Spinebill (Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris) in full song.

    • Eurasian Coot (Fulica atra) Doing its walk on water act. You can see the lobed toes rather than the webbed feet these ones have in common with Grebes. Taken in the Australian Botanic Gardens yesterday morning.

    • Glenn have you ever been to Bicentennial park next to Sydney Olympic park?

      There is an area where there are a few hides where you may get some other shots of native birds.

      It's very busy on the weekends, but during the week there can be a lot of birds around.

      There are a few other parts where you may get some good shots.

      High tide will bring some of the waders closer to the hides as the tide rises.

      See a few suggestions.

    • Thanks Russ, yes its on my list, want to shoot the SS Ayrfield Shipwreck there as well, I only get to play on weekends so not the best time, but some time next year I want to do the wreck and the birds there, thanks for the info. much appricated.

    • I cycle past the wreck regularly it's amazing.

      Homebush bay was very polluted and the sediment is still toxic.

      But the water is much cleaner than it was.

      It's still a bit smelly at very low tides but it's getting better each year.

      The two ponds alongside Hill rd are a good spot to find the odd wildlife gem.

      If you are lucky you may find a gold and green bell frog.

      Sometimes double-barred finch in the trees between the ponds and the Newington reserve.

      Now during the drought splendid wrens hang around the water bubblers on Louise Sauvage pathway next to the Newington reserve on Thursday afternoon I counted 26 males with about 18 females, I wish I'd had a camera.

    • About time to add the odd shot back into this collection, Restrictions are starting to easy up here now, slowly things are getting back to normal here very few new cases here now and most are returning residents coming in from overseas and detected during a 14-day mandatory quarantine. So, no new cases detected in the wider community here now for a while now. So, I’m heading out again to the Australian Botanic Gardens again to shoot each Saturday again. This one an Australian Pelican (Pelecanus conspicillatus) taking off from the lake in the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan Saturday morning.

    • Were you shooting from an observation tower or a hill?

      Most BIFs are shot from beneath, rather than above like this image. Nicely rendered!

    • For this one I was standing at the edge of the lake, the bird had just taken off so didn't have any elevation hence the top down view for once, as you said most are from underneath so good to get one from this angle, the bird was changing sides of the lake so didn't get much elevation more just over the lake about 4 foot off the waters surface. the background on this one was all down the the 600mm lens, thou the bird was so close I was only at 221mm f 9,0 1/1000 sec ISO 500 being pretty much level the water was a far way back so down to ratio of camera to subject, subject to backgoround, for once no Tapaz used on this image, only some light lightroom work on this image.

    • Thank you for your explanation

      There are private aligator farms/preserves in Florida with 2 or 3 story viewing towers that offer opportunities to shoot birds in flight from above, as cliffs often do as well.

      One has to be very careful "chasing" birds from cliff vantage points though....

    • Sounds good, no observation towers in the gardens here, though a bit of a ridge line over looking a few gullies that often have raptors crusing about at eye level. no cliffs as such in teh gardens here so pretty safe that way the ontly thing you need to watch out for is the snakes, some of them are the best to get a bite from.

    • A Pair of Galahs are preparing a hollow for nesting, they were bringing small bunches of gum leaves into the hollow to line it. This is one just sitting above the hollow.

    • Great Egret (Ardea alba) taking flight in the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan last Saturday. (Canon 5D mk4 with Sigma 150-600 Sprts Lens)

    • Striated Pardalote (Pardalotus striatus) outside its hollow in the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan, these are tiny little birds only about 10cm (4").

      Ttaken with the Canon R5 and 800 f11 .

    • Really? 1/50th at 800mm?? Really? One has to shoot with 800mm lenses to truly understand how remarkable it is to have a sharp image at 1/50th sec at 800mm handheld.

      Show off!! Remarkable.

      My R5 is ordered, but I have no idea when it will show up yet. My only 800mm long is a bit heavier, a Sigma 300-800 from about 2005 vintage or so. Almost always shot from a tripod with a Wimberly head. Not hand held, for sure.

      Was this shot late in the day or in the shade in a very overcast day perhaps?

    • Agreed, until I got this set up I shot with the sigma 150-600 Sports, a heavey set up and almost always on a tripod, and Gimbal head as well and for most decent shots a wireless remote to eliminate any shake from releasing the shutter, the Fredom this set up is giving me is somethign else, I really shot put it all on teh tripod and gimbal to see what effect that has, but for now since I've had this the tripod hasn't left the car. Full settings below. I think your going to enjoy your R5 when it gets there.

    • I can’t stand it anymore. I ordered my R5 2 hours after the press event and nothing so far.

      Then Glenn MADE me buy an 800mm f/11, so it will just get dusty while I wait. I tried to rent an R5 from Borrowlenses, but some jerk got there first.

      My life is so hard.