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    • My wife and I were out for a walk one summer day when we stumbled upon this store, Doob-3D. Now, she absolutely loses it when she sees tiny cute things, but this brought it to another level. There were many audible gasps as she looked at the tiny figures on display.

      Doob-3D takes a 3D scan of you in whatever pose you like. It's very bullet-time/Matrix-y. While the limbs are not poseable, you can figure out your preferred positioning beforehand. You'll go into a booth that takes a 360 photo/scan of you.

      It's a great way to cement a memory or even as cake toppers for your nuptials!

      You can even Doob your pets!

      Much like gremlins, they warn you not to get your 3D replica Doob figuring wet and to keep them out of your mouth. They're paper-based, so they're soluble. But they are a fantastic way to capture you from all angles. They come in various sizes and are hand painted. The price is about $100 for the smallest figure (per person) and rises in price accordingly as the figures get larger. The larger sized figurines allow you additional customization, like glasses frames or even musical instruments! It takes a few weeks to receive your Doob after you've been photographed, but it's absolutely worth the wait.

    • How did I not know about this? It looks like they burst on the scene in 2015 with a ton of press and hardly any since then, but they've built out a lot of stores all over the world and they are very upscale. It must be working. They have one in SF so I'm gonna take the girls and go.

      Check this out: