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    • It's a very good question, Evergreen. I have a heavy bias because I am a photographer and you have access to great photos. However, I love the illustration you shared, so I don't know. Is it really either/or or can you use both? When I see that illustration, even though I like it, it makes me want to see photos.

    • Godriguez (a.k.a. mark rodriguez)

      being both a photographer and an illustrator myself i can see your dilemma and understand how you would want to portray the book from a different angle

      if you are describing in your book actual places and events in more of a journalistic/factual style i would most likely want to see those actual places via photos. if it is more about the emotions and feelings of the encounters then i think illustrations would be the way to go

      that being said, there is no reason that you could not have a photo-centric book that is sprinkled with illustrations as the photos could document the real-world occurrences and the illustrations could address the emotional aspects...just a thought

    • My first take was that is an illustration to sell books, suggestive and hardly the attire for what I imagines the book to be about on adventure travel (maybe a different adventure?), Granted I did not know what the subject was. I don't see south america travels in that image.

      It did not read visually as a strong female riders story.

      just my opinion...

    • Hey there!:) The book is about everyday life, people, and legends of South America, told through the eyes of a young and clueless motorcyclist. This particular illustration explains my name Eglė which comes from an ancient Baltic legend:

      It's only one of many more to come. As for ATGATT, I had no real gear in South America until very late, so that has no relevance here.

      And it kinda sorta proves my point... A photo would be a lot more actual and factual. But this is a lot more intriguing! :D

    • How interesting! I don't want to see photos at all when I'm reading travel books... I just want the text, or text and illustrations. But you might have a point about doing both!

    • How is this suggestive?.. I'm not sure what you mean.

      Also, this is not the cover of the book, nor is it one of the main illustrations in it. It's merely an example of photo vs illustration.

      As for gear/attire... Again I don't see how that is relevant in this particular case. This book isn't a typical "adventure riding" book. It's a bit more than that:) I'm not writing a diary, or promoting Klim. I'm telling a story.

    • Excellent point about journalistic style vs emotional encounters! The book is both, also leaning a little towards magical realism. I do like the idea of having both photos and illustrations.

    • suggestive is different things to different people. That image to me was suggestive, like a lot of biker images with female subjects in to me more provocative attire and pose.

      my mistake on the image and cover.

      guess I should have gone with the simple, photo over illustration. Illustrations are great for maps or travel jumps in my opinion. For the story I like photos as to me they have more details and story to them.