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    • i have G+ to thank for helping me become the artist i am today with extremely supportive communities like the chrysta rae photography scavenger hunt, selfy sunday (now know as the art of self portraiture), and movie mashup tuesday that allowed me to experiment and grow as an artist with members always willing to lend a hand and help out when needed with advice, tips, and genuine friendships that have spilled over into my real life and i feel i am all the better for this happening.

      within those communities i was able to explore myself and use my art to work through personal turmoil, make myself–and others–laugh, and both teach and learn with those around me. it was the greatest social media site for me personally than anything out there and still i have yet to find it's successor in the comradery and community it gave birth to

      so now that G+ is shutting down i am a G+ refugee adrift in the sea of social media sites trying to find a safe harbor in which to call home, and tonight i found what might just be my new home in Cake. i already am enjoying the clean interface of Cake and the photos look damn gorgeous on here which was the first thing that drew me into G+ in the first place back in the day. but it is no surprise that the photos look damn sexy here with @Chris at the helm. i have been a smugmug member for about the past five years now and they have always done me right in the way of presenting the images in my portfolio and with the outstanding customer service i have always received from their support heroes. if you wanna see a peek at my work there:

      will Cake lead to the same great experiences i have had on G+? time will tell, but already i am seeing the same types of interactions here that are eerily familiar to those early beta days of G+ and could see making this place my new found home