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    • The New York Times article you posted is frightening - but I won't let that stop me from solo activities.

      I am also a solo hiker and traveler. I try to be smart about where I wander. I rode my bicycle across the United States solo when I was 50, sometimes camping, more often staying in small mom-and-pop hotels. If a place didn't feel safe to me I didn't stay there. I sometimes camped in town parks where camping wasn't usually allowed but where the town had made an exception for cross-country cyclists passing through. I always checked in with the local police before I set up camp.

      I love being alone outdoors but when hiking alone I try to go places where there are some other people around (or where I am sure I have cell phone access).

      I think it's not possible to always stay out of dangerous situations but I refuse to stay home. That might be safer but it wouldn't create a satisfactory lifestyle for me.

    • Good info re: situational awareness. 👍🏻

      <Does anyone else find it a little odd that a user named Dracula is posting safety tips? 🤣>