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    • I'd like to use this conversation to share some screenshots from my journey through No Man’s Sky, which just got a big update last month. I haven’t played this game in over a year but am finding the new updates to be pretty spectacular so far. The landscapes and skyscapes this game can produce are the most stunning I’ve ever seen in a video game.

      I'll post images as I continue playing through it over the coming days, weeks and months, exploring new places and looking for the perfect planet to call home.

      Feel free to post screenshots of your discoveries as well!

    • My starting planet was a giant ice cube. It was cold, not very exciting, and I wanted to leave. It took me a while to gather the resources to fix my ship and escape it, but once I did, I found this little moon right next door.

      This place caught my attention. It was a lifeless moon, but it had stunning floating mesas that overlooked dusty valleys that were illuminated by the setting sun. I won't be building my home here, but it's a very cool place I'm glad I got to experience.

      Here I am at the edge of one of the floating mesas where I landed my ship.

    • Great shots!

      I also started playing No Man's Sky again this weekend to see what was new. They've certainly added a lot more depth! Some of it good, some of it bad. It's such a huge time sink that I'm not sure how much I'll be able to continue playing it, but I'm impressed that they're still making it better.

    • Eventually I found a second desert moon near my starting planet (shown on the horizon). This moon wasn’t nearly as interesting so I just flew around a bit after landing and finding hostile bug swarms on the surface to be too overwhelming. You can see one silhouetted against of one in the rings of the planet here.

    • On the surface, this world turned out to be lush and littered with fungal structures. My analysizer described it as a “rotting planet” but it seemed full of life, despite the poisonous atmosphere.

    • Here are some of the first large creatures I’ve encountered so far. They kind of look like giant dragon-like fish, and I don’t really know how they fly, but they sure are magnificent!

    • Wow! Following your story is almost more fun than playing the game myself. 😄

      Are you playing on PC? I'm on PS4 and I feel like things don't look quite as good as they do in your screenshots.

      I'm also really annoyed by how bad the PS4's screenshot sharing features are. It's easy to take screenshots, but then they just sit on your hard drive (not even in the cloud!) until you manually select them and send them somewhere, which I'm way too lazy to deal with.

    • I’m on PS4 (just the regular one, not PS4 Pro). I’m actially a little bummed at the quality as well since if you zoom in, they do look a bit compressed.

      The easiest thing I was able to do was create a private Twitter account and just share my screenshots to it from the share settings. I also set the screenshot format to PNG . But by the time I grab them off Twitter, they’re JPGs and look compressed so I’m not sure if that’s on my end, Twitter’s end, or something else.

      I think using an external USB would probably result in higher res but I haven’t put in that much effort into this yet.

    • Here’s a shot from the first moon I landed on. Out of order but actually really liked this one. My character is in there too (pretty small though).

    • I started a new game yesterday in Creative Mode to see what that's like. The second planet I visited was a beautiful paradise planet, so I built myself a nice little cabin on the beach and made friends with the local critters.

      So far I'm surprised by how much I'm enjoying Creative Mode! I hadn't tried it before because I was worried that complete freedom and infinite resources would get boring, but it turns out it's way more fun. I can go wherever I want, build whatever I want, sentries don't bother me, and it's a much more relaxing, enjoyable experience overall.

    • Wow that base looks sweet! Thanks for sharing!

      I was torn about what mode to choose. I'm in Normal mode right now, and so far, it's been fun, but now that I see that gorgeous cabin, I'm starting to wonder if I should switch over. Might be a while yet before I can build anything like that in Normal mode.

      That's definitely one of the things about the game I'm finding so much more enjoyable this time around: looking for the right place to build a home. It's not something the first iterations facilitated very well (or at all?). So far, that feels like the most fun way to play it, at least for me. Just lost in space and in search of nice plot of land on an unexplored planet.

    • I took a mini break from my Normal Mode game and started one in Creative Mode to see how I liked it. Long story short, I think I like Normal Mode a little better. Even though mining can get a little boring, I find having to work for things a little more rewarding.

      Regardless, here are some pics from my little detour in Creative Mode. My first planet was an ice bound planet, but had some really cool floating plateaus and gorgeous planetary rings overhead.

    • I left the ice planet and ventured off to a nearby planet/moon system. The moon was lifeless, save for a few plants that lived in the caves. There were some of the largest canyons I've seen in the game so far. They spanned long distances and then burrowed into huge cave systems. I didn't explore them much since I wanted to get to the nearby planet, but here's a view of one of the canyons with the nearby planet eclipsing the sun. I might go back for a couple photos of the canyons.

    • Here I am as some ships fly between the moon and its planet. I'm probably going to go back to my Normal Mode game and continue adventuring from there. But I do look forward to revisiting Creative Mode to see what wacky structures I can build once I'm bored with the Normal Mode tedium.

    • Then I came across an ice planet and decided it was the perfect place for some Scuba diving. I made friends with this derpy shark-thing.