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    • I've been waiting for this day for about this for 5 years now.

      This is Allie. I adopted her from a litter of three unexpected puppies. Her dad is a border collie and her mother is half border collie and half lab. She's 9 weeks, adorable and very sweet. I've had her for just over a week now.

    • So awesome, Kevin! Our border collie is about 5 years old now. I held out for years on our getting a dog. So glad I caved! Best dog I've had in my lifetime. He's ruined me for other dogs. :) Challenging, because they're so smart you have to learn to communicate with them. With tricks and training, we had to be aware of if we were sitting versus standing, or performed hand signals with the right versus left hand, because he'd think they were new. Congrats! Update??

    • Yes, they are so so smart! She's 4 1/2 months now, and she's incredibly trainable. She can stay with a treat in front of her, and wait for the release word, free. I spew english at her, and make her decipher free from words, sentences, and phrases. Without a change in inflection between words, she can still pick out free from similar sounding works like tree or me. Here's a video of her doing it.

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