The Cake format editor appears whenever you are composing (a conversation, POST or REPLY) and you highlight a word or a line of text.

A blue bar hovers nearby with several menu options:

(B) Bolds the highlighted text

(I) Italicizes the highlighted text

📎 adds a hyperlink to the text. Enter the link address and the text will turn blue and will become clickable when your composing is published.

<> Converts your text to typewriter font. Useful when providing examples of code. Or to add some visual variety to your composing.

Click the” >” arrow on the blue bar to get to the remaining menu items:

(“) Arranges quoted text in a separate block.

The text is greyed and a solid vertical line is visible on the left edge of the text.


Ignore the last button—no one ever uses it.

Unhighlight your text to make the blue bar disappear.


Now you try:

Find a recent news article and reply to this message. Share your opinion as well as a quote from the text. Use the format editor to add a hyperlink, block quotes, and any of the other format options.

If you run into trouble, just reply with your confusion and I’ll do my best to be helpful.


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