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    • Here's the thing: companies like Ducati are beginning to provide loaner bikes if I'll review them on Adventure Rider. Next week I'm on a 3,000 mile trek with a new Ducati. My branded gear from Triumph, KTM and BMW won't do.

      What's more, I decided the reviews won't be very good unless I push the bikes a little (👈heart rate just increased 😳). And the reviews won't work unless motorcyclists respect the gear they see in the photos.

      So level 2 armor, ADV-looking gear, a brand like Klim that doesn't make motorcycles but does make great gear... So I guess that eliminates me looking like this guy? Shame. Dream crushed.

      However, when I got down to the boots I...couldn't...resist. They were the last thing I bought and they don't match the rest of the gear but Harrison Ford.

    • Starting with gloves, I mean, how much can they be? If Ducati and I go sliding on a gravel road, best to have decent gloves but...who pays $250 for gloves?! Me, unfortunately. 🤯

    • Yes - it always amuses me when the bashers on ADV complain about Harley Rider's fashion sense ... from their lofty stylez point of Orange and Blue Gortex jump suits.

      If budget is no issue you can get fully armoured waterproof Leather Jackets in sort-of Indianna flavours from Belstaff - and others

    • Yeah, I looked at the Belstaff stuff and it gets the stylez points from me, but what I was taking away is the protection is on the light side.

      Am I wrong about that? Also, 💰💰💰

      This is what I ended up with. Lower on the stylez points but higher on practicality, no? Can machine wash after dirty ride, vents, protection, zip to pants for winter & crashes... Less monies.

    • I'd pick good leather with armour over textile if safety is the main consideration any day.

      That said I'm wearing an armoured flow-through mesh jacket currently because the temps are sub-tropical late spring already.

      $ - no argument, but sure if feels good to be stylin'.

      And frankly mate - don't worry about what the plebs say - they are giving you the machines to set the trends - not follow them. Do it your way.

      20 years I've been doing it - my advice is you need a thick skin otherwise you'll only get your enthusiasm dented by the small minority of haters and trolls.

    • I'd pick good leather with armour over textile if safety is the main consideration any day.

      I hear you and have a ton of respect, but is that a road/track thing? I have to take these things off to Dakar-like dirt and get nasty dirty.

      At the Wisconsin rally last year we were all day in water crossings and mud, coming home filthy and spraying ourselves down in the car wash.

      I wore my colorful KTM gear and for that it seemed great. I even like the off-road look with in-boot pants and armor on the outside.

      I can’t remember the last time I saw leather off road.

    • No question Textile is more versatile and better suited to off road. It's 'generally' not as protective as leather getting to the off-road part. And even then there's varying degrees. A top notch alpine stars goretex is better than a cheap Brando with suspect stitching etc.

      I was caked with so much Far North Queensland red dirt on that Buell Factory ride I stood in the shower in my leathers when we got back to the hotel. That worked too.

    • +1 for safety.

      I’m recovering from a nasty high-speed oops right now. Could have been REAL bad, but gear made a huge diff. Shoei, Klīm, dbl layer-Kevlar... my only regret was I was wearing stupid dirt gloves and messed up my left hand. Grrr. Two pairs of Racers in my tailbag, but I thought, “It’s too hot to wear those today.” Gah. 😖

    • I had on a GT-Air. That is the best fitting helmet I could find for me. I even have a Schuberth in the closet, and always opt for the Shoei. It served me well!

    • I couldn’t figure out how to attach it to my new helmet last night so I’m riding today with AirPods, which are working surprisingly well. In my full-face Shoei I’m listening to an audio book at 80.

    • I'd agree that leather may provide better protection on road. The cow skin is much better at sliding than textiles and can help reduce tumbling which causes most injuries. And, that's a big deal. Back when I was road racing, I fell off a lot. I mean a lot. In that arena, leather is definitely the way to go.

      But other than pavement, I'll go for textiles. For me, leather is sort of the "anti-christ" material. It's sweltering and slimy when its hot, and stiff and cold when it's cold. It gets waterlogged and takes forever to dry. It's just hard to find the sweet spot for leather off road IMO. YMMV.

    • Chris tip on the Klim Jacket soak it in water and let it dry a couple of times before you take it on your first big ride it will soften and mould to your shape better.

      It's a little stiff at first.

      Too late I see you've left already.