Quality isn’t set by your competitors.

Quality is set by you.

It’s set by you determining what you will and won’t stand for. What is and isn’t deemed "important".

Quality stems from you and you alone, because if all you do is try and match what your competitors are doing, all you're doing is screwing your customers.

Your customers want to know you care about them, and the best way to do that is to ensure that quality is the one area where you won't compromise under any circumstances. Ever.

Ultimately, quality is the reason you're doing it. It's what you're prepared to die for.

That means you’ll sacrifice whatever you need,in order to make sure you aren’t sacrificing the quality of your services or products.

This means that you can’t cut costs, or try to squeeze your margins. Not now. Not ever.

It doesn't matter if nobody else can tell you’re not focused on quality. You’ll know, and that's all that matters. At the same time you'll also know when quality isn’t important, and it will start to affect almost every element and area of your business and what you do.

When you know that you aren’t putting your best foot forward or putting your heart into what you do, through quality itself, it’s going to cheapen the way you look at your business in your own eyes,

And if that happens, you might as well quit.