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    • When I saw this yesterday I hoped they meant meat alternatives. Thankfully, that's what they meant. Two freezer sections of mostly veggie burgers! Anyone have favorites?

    • I've tried this brand once but didn't care for the consistency and flavor. I usually buy Amy's, Hilary's or Dr. Praegers. So far any version of those brands has been tasty.

    • Morningstar farms grillers were my favorite for many years. These days I prefer getting veggie sausage. Because these can be strongly seasoned I find them more to my liking. The gimme lean brand veggie breakfast sausage is very tasty. My friends enjoy it when I feed it to them. Tofurkey makes a good Italian sausage although trader Joe's store brand is just as good. Tofurkeys deli slices are another favorite of mine, especially the peppered variety.

    • A few months ago I've stumbled upon "Field Roast" vegan sausages at Whole Foods. Ever since then I have them once in a while pan grilled or in a sandwich. I've introduced them to my meat-eating friends who said they tasted awesome and asked for more. My favorite flavor is "Mexican Chipotle". It is pretty damn spicy!


    • Our favorite veggie burger is the Morningstar Farms Black Bean ones. Really yummy on a whole-wheat toasted English Muffin, topped with Trader Joe's red pepper, eggplant and garlic spread, mustard, some avocado, caramelized onions, tomato, lettuce... Mmmm

      Nob Hill had some of the Beyond Burgers in their fresh ground meat section for a while. They are the ones made with pea protein and look and feel like actual ground beef. I finally tried them and they were really good! Thick and juicy like a hamburger, very tasty. But apparently they didn't catch on, because they are not in the case anymore.

    • These things are some of our favorites. They are always in our fridge/freezer. Top 'em with some fresh avocado and they are soooo good.

    • Caveat: These are not "healthy" veggie burgers. That being said, they are unbelievably delicious and I find myself completely amazed that they are 100% plant based.

    • They are extremely delicious. I know they probably contain ingredients that a lot of people would balk at. I generally try to eat stuff that I make from fresh, and try to buy only prepared foods that have as few ingredients as possible; but I've never been a purist at anything, so I compromise on occasion. I am not a vegetarian, but I have tried to seriously reduce my meat consumption for environmental reasons as much as for nutrition reasons. I will sometimes buy these veggie burgers because I really do love a good hamburger every few months, and these burgers satisfy that craving while probably being better for the planet. Beef cattle are pretty resource-intensive.

    • I just found out about, which is an online grocer delivering only vegetarian food to the Bay area. They have so many of these meat substitutes. I'm going to try them out since they have everything I like in one spot. I'll report back.

    • totally agree! Beyond Burgers are great but the Impossible Burger is even better! I am a total meatarian and went to the counter a few weeks ago and gave to say it was amazing! I am ready to quick my day job and become a spokesperson for the company! It is definitely not your veggie burger for vegetarians. It takes like meat, smells like meat, feels like meat and it seems like it is healthy - or at least more so than a hamburger. Beyond Burger we found at Safeway. Impossible Burger seems like it is mostly at higher end Burger chains. Have you tried it and what do You think? Photo of the bunless Impossible Burger at the Counter

    • I haven't heard of the Impossible Burger yet. I'll have to look for it. Some of the products they are making with beet heme these days are pretty amazing.

      Is that Impossible Bacon on that burger?