I thought some might find this interesting. My guess is the study will bring some differences of opinion out. Interesting stuff though. Stay tuned...

Fruit flies can transmit their sexual preferences culturally

"...fruit flies possess the cognitive capacity to culturally transmit their sexual preferences across generations... While the cultural process is often thought of as unique to humans... researchers... have demonstrated that all of the mechanisms required for cultural transmission actually exist in the fruit fly.

Drosophila, commonly called fruit flies, are known for their capacity to learn and copy the sexual preferences of their conspecifics after observing them copulating. But can this transmission be considered as "cultural?"... to find out... researchers tested the five criteria that must be met in order for a behavioral pattern to be deemed culturally transmitted: (1) the behavior must be learned socially by observing conspecifics, (2) be copied from older individuals, (3) be memorized over the long term, (4) involve characteristics of individuals, such as their color, rather than the individuals themselves; and (5) be conformist, which is to say that the individuals learn the most common behavior in the population. Against all expectations, the team revealed that the learning of sexual preferences among fruit flies meets all five criteria... These results considerably widen the taxonomical range of the cultural process, and suggest that contrary to widely held belief, cultural heredity could affect the evolution of a very large number of animal species well beyond a few vertebrates with high cognitive capacities, such as primates and birds.