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    • Agreed -- congestion both on LTE/5Ge and WiFi in my neighborhood has gotten pretty bad that I can't achieve anywhere the speeds I'm paying for, so I've hardwired everything that can be with Cat6A to my fiber connection.

    • I do get that fibre to the home is the ideal situation, I would sign up in a heart beat - but in most ( most referring to geographic area, not population density ) of North America that is not likely to be available at anytime in the near future, or one's probable lifetime 😕.

      One downside to a physical connection is that you can't take it with you when you go to Florida to your own condo, so you might need to pay for multiple connections for broadband.

      I have friends who use a cellular wireless connection so that whether they are at home, or travelling, or in a hotel on the road, they always use their own cellular wireless broadband connections. Seems to work for them, and they get only one bill.

      From a security standpoint I tend to think my cellular connection is more secure than the unsecured open WiFI network in a hotel too. I may not be correct about this, but I think I am, anyway 😬

      My physical connection is a copper cable, not fibre - but the best available in my neighborhood. And the only physical broadband available, since my cable vendor has a municipal sanctioned monopoly. I am looking forward to when they have to seriously compete with real high speed wireless broadband that is faster than what the cable vendor even offers.