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    • Few weeks back search and rescue mission was called to trace Tom Ballard who was trying to scale The Killer Mountain, Nanaga Perbet. While going through internet i came across following:

      Mountaineer Alison Hargreaves pictured in October 1988 holding her four-day-old son Tom Ballard at Black Rock overlooking the Derbyshire countryside. In 1995, Alison became the first woman to climb Everest solo that too without supplemental oxygen. Months later she perished on the world's second tallest mountain K2 on her descent. Who knew the little baby nestled is her arms would share the same fate as his mother 24 years later on Nanga Parbat. Indeed truth is stranger than fiction.

      Complete details on Nat Geo

    • Very interesting, and sad, story.

      I do wonder, though, how many new mothers would willingly sit on that precipice with their new born in their arms?? Striking photo, made even more sad when you know the whole story.