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    • The Berlin marathon is the fast one where the best of the best try to set PRs and world records. This morning Eliud Kipchoge, the greatest marathoner who ever lived, smashed the world record and ran 2:01:37.

      My question: how do you run 4:38/mile for one mile?

      Last year Nike had that hugely publicised event to try and break the 2-hour marathon unofficially on a track at Monza, and he almost did it. I can't believe this guy. He beat other really fast marathoners today in 2nd & 3rd places by something like 5 minutes.

    • I'm still in awe of how fast Eliud's speed. He is truly the greatest marathon distance runner of the last decade, maybe even more. I still remember watching this National Geographic documentary and being inspried by all that speed:

      Some people didn't take his achievement seriously due to the format of the "experiment" and the fact that it wasn't an official race. He came just 30 seconds from breaking 2 hours. But to me he proved that it is possible and is just a matter of time. If anyone would break this 2 hour barrier, it would be him.

    • I have never run a marathon but my best 18.1 race was 1:56. And, I was dead afterwards. I cannot even imagine this sustained speed. Not to take away from this amazing speed, but, a sub 2hour marathon is the 4 mile mile of this generation.

      I can almost guarantee you he does not eat more than one half of a cheeseburger in his life. hahahaha

    • Wow that's 6:24/mile for 18.1! Jeez that's fast for for a human who grew up on this planet. I forget which solar system Kipchoge was imported from, I just know it couldn't have been ours.

    • Wow this is INSANE! I was doing the math in my head and thought to myself "there's no way that's sub 4:45 per mile, is that right?"

      If I were training more than I am now, I could probably pull off 8-9 minute miles for a half marathon. This is almost twice as fast! For twice as long!!!

      Unbelievable. What an achievement.