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    • I have never run a marathon but my best 18.1 race was 1:56. And, I was dead afterwards. I cannot even imagine this sustained speed. Not to take away from this amazing speed, but, a sub 2hour marathon is the 4 mile mile of this generation.

      I can almost guarantee you he does not eat more than one half of a cheeseburger in his life. hahahaha

    • Wow that's 6:24/mile for 18.1! Jeez that's fast for for a human who grew up on this planet. I forget which solar system Kipchoge was imported from, I just know it couldn't have been ours.

    • Wow this is INSANE! I was doing the math in my head and thought to myself "there's no way that's sub 4:45 per mile, is that right?"

      If I were training more than I am now, I could probably pull off 8-9 minute miles for a half marathon. This is almost twice as fast! For twice as long!!!

      Unbelievable. What an achievement.