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    • Had a good three hour run on it yesterday.

      Really enjoyed it. It's comparable to a modern Supersport performance-wise.

      It's a few years since I rode the Zero Adv bike, and they have no-doubt improved in that time - but this thing would absolutely shred the last Zero I rode.

      I do hear the Zero sport bike is a lot more potent now, but they withdrew from the Aus market a few years ago due to poor sales. I may never know.

      Anyway, value judgements aside - I was very impressed with the Harley.

      I've also just written a 1500 word OP on why this bike needed to happen.

      One section goes:

      Draft ---------->

      Whither California?

      Austria: 2020, Belgium: 2026, California: 2035, Canada: 2040, France: 2040, UK: 2035 and about a dozen more dates are listed online.

      These are the years by which those countries or states plan to ban or restrict the sale of internal combustion engines.

      To quote the Wiki:

      “Reasons for banning further sale of fossil fuel vehicles include reducing health risks from pollution particulates, notably diesel PM10s, nitrogen oxides and other emissions.

      Meeting national greenhouse gas, such as CO2, targets under international agreements like the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement - or energy independence.

      The intent to ban vehicles powered by fossil fuels is attractive to governments as it offers a simpler compliance target, compared with a carbon tax or phase-out of fossil fuels.”

      It doesn’t matter if the LiveWire’s critics - or any of us - agree with the Kyoto Protocol. The legislation has started. And it's coming in hot, whether we like it or not.

      Congestion charges and other ICE disincentives are already in place in some Euro cities.

      Some countries have made large capacity motorcycle registrations prohibitively expensive to that same end.

      As unpalatable as it might seem, some time in the not too distant future, in many parts of the world, a petrol-engined motorcycle will be illegal for a Harley dealer to sell. A sobering thought.

      Apart from intense lobbying, what can Harley do about it? Well, marking out some territory in the electric motorcycle marketplace might not be as crazy as some of the LiveWire’s more vocal detractors might think.


    • I finished watching the "Long Way Up" series last night. The bikes performed better than expected. Sure, they had a support crew and much bigger budget than the average adventure rider would have, but they also had a limited amount of time to complete the trip. I've loved internal combustion engines since my first whiff of exhaust fumes but they are surely on the same path to extinction as I am. Maybe I'll wander down to my local Harley dealer and see about a test ride on one of these new-fangled machines.

    • Draft ---------->

      Whither California?

      Austria: 2020, Belgium: 2026, California: 2035, Canada: 2040, France: 2040, UK: 2035 and about a dozen more dates are listed online.

      These are the years by which those countries or states plan to ban or restrict the sale of internal combustion engines.

      Does "Draft" really mean what the word implies or are these already approved legislations?

      Because I'd be very puzzled why not every single manufacturer stops all further development of new ICE vehicles, and totally focus on Electrics. KTM for example keeps churning new gas powered models like there's a fashion pretzels contest.

      The other thing I find really troublesome with all these extreme views on eradication of ICE vehicles is that they start by focusing on none other than ... motorcycles?! Whatever happened to big, diesel fuming entire fleets of ships, or how about the world wide fleet of commercial airliners?

      Not to mention Harley should really devise an e-potato device to accompany all the new e-models.

    • Draft of the article. I might change it - or correct errors.

      The legislations are a done deal.

      The UK brought forward theirs by 5 years yesterday. No new ICE to be sold by 2030.

      I don't think they are focusing on motorcycles. Diesels are the main target already.

      And the irony of a Guzzi enthusiast dissing Harleys is sweet :-)

    • Like I said, I think that unless they start cutting petrol usage at it's roots (which is seen as the real big pollution generator) while making sure there are viable alternatives implemented and ready, and there is infrastructure to support it, it's all mostly about future political and financial controlling interests, much more than any environmental concerns.

      What will happen, for that matter, by 2030 with airplanes, ships, trains, and trucks/road trains that carry the majority of goods and persons.. Are there legislations provisioning major companies stop producing petrol powered planes, trucks and ships, by then? If that's not the case.. it's all a game of smoking mirrors.

      And, nope, they can't have my Guzzi(s) even from my cold dead hands.. I reckon real Harley enthusiasts would concur!

    • It's a game of easiest targets.

      OK, that's sad and it ain't right. Low hanging fruits and all that, easy prey for the bureaucrats and politicians who will not take the fight to the large companies.. However I also feel that in this modernist world, motorcycling as we grew up to know it, raw and visceral, with gasoline smelly hands and two stroke smoke, will no longer be appreciated nearly as much or perhaps at all. Of course I could be wrong, but it's what I seem to see from young folks, perhaps most will prefer some EV with an app, but not necessarily a two wheel one. There is also the demographic approach, not all nations and world regions are, or will become the same, it's going to take decades if not a generation. All jokes aside, it's a bold move from Harley, though I hear their expected pricing will not exactly encourage many to buy their electric motorcycles. There is going to be tough competition, soon, if not already way ahead..

    • Yep - Another bit from the draft article


      No huge paradigm shifts.

      I had a long conversation with Brum (My former Publisher RIP)when he’d just come back
      from the big US launch.

      I said, “I heard they aren’t planning on selling many?”

      “Dave,” he laughed, “They aren’t even planning on making
      many. It’s being built on a 'spur line' at York.”

      That’s the way he saw the LiveWire too: A first foray.
      Staking out some territory for future markets. At $Au50,000 none of us are
      expecting it to sell in large numbers. It’s an entry point for the future.

      For many, it’s a dystopian and downright distasteful crystal
      ball to look into. “The city will take the fuel injectors from my from my cold
      dead hands.”?

      Meanwhile, at Breakfast Creek and the here and now, I
      returned the test bike, grinned widely and thought Harleys latest creation is
      an impressive bundle of feel good laughs. And just maybe, a glimpse at a future
      that might not be altogether bleak.