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    • Note: @apm = @StephenL . New name, new avatar. Same dude.


      Write about a specific experience when someone dislodged a dream of yours by trying to lower your expectations. How did it make you feel? How did you try to overcome that obstacle? List five ways that person was wrong.

      I can relate to this question on such a deep level, @Jain . Many people in my journey have set lower expectations for me—I was considered learning disabled in elementary school, for starters. But I’ve always taken it as throwing down the gauntlet and worked twice as hard to prove them wrong: as an adult I qualified for admittance to Mensa, the high IQ society.

      Powerful stuff. I’ll be sure to look for the companion journal when I’m at the bookstore tonight.


    • Having just returned from two weeks in Scotland, wandering about the Highlands, the Isle of Lewis, and the Midlands around Hadrian's wall, I relearned, once again, how tough the local terrain can be to walk on. Makes me even more impressed by Mr Stewart's walk