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    • Newsstands in the airports are filled with magazines. Someone must still be buying and reading them. Shelf space is at a premium at airports, if they weren’t selling they would be quickly replaced by snacks and beverages.

      Looking around I see most people glued to their screens: watching videos, streaming and reading news. In the sea of entertainment options is there a future for magazines?

      I haven’t subscribed to magazines in years, so when I quickly flipped through a few I was surprised to see just how many pages are taken up by ads. Full pages and even spreads. Anecdotally it felt like 25% of all pages were ads. Perhaps not a big deal if I was getting a magazine for free, but I’m paying for it. Do I really have to sift through pages of ads? Maybe I got spoiled by premium online subscription offerings like Medium and YouTube Red that completely remove ads.

      I wonder how much of the magazine’s cost is actually subsidized with those ads?

      Apple News+ magazine subscription keeps ads embedded in the magazines like they do in real life and there is no option to pay more to automatically remove them. I would pay more, but how much more?

    • I think people buying magazines in airports is sort of a niche thing. It’s part of the flying experience for lots of people who wouldn’t normally subscribe or seek them out. They’re disposable, short, and readily available.

      Ads in a magazine for me have a different feel than ads on the radio, for example. When I’m listening to music it feels like an intrusion to be sold something unrelated. When I’m flipping through a magazine, I’m looking for eye candy or interesting content and I find those in ads almost as much as the articles.

      Maybe it depends on the type of magazine? Certainly people looking at car or fashion magazines wouldn’t object to “window shopping” while they read?

    • For many years I actually looked forward to buying 2-3 overpriced magazines as the airport to have just in case I got stuck next to a less-than-ideal passenger-mate. In some genre's I actually like the ads that are specific to that genre to see what is latest and greatest. But, striking a balance is never a ratio to my liking with too many ads as the result. I think if you wanted to buy a Car magazine with no ads at the airport it might only be about 8 pages and cost you $450ea. LOL

      Your thread made me reflect how nowadays I prefer to just zone out with earbuds either playing any of the 2000 songs on my phone or watch some sort of media like a movie or read a kindle book.