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    • So, do any of you have grudges? If you have given them up, how did you feel? If you still have them, do they have an impact on your life?

      "A 2006 study, published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology as part of the Stanford Forgiveness Project, suggested that “skills-based forgiveness training may prove effective in reducing anger as a coping style, reducing perceived stress and physical health symptoms, and thereby may help reduce” the stress we put on our immune and cardiovascular systems. Further, a study published this year found that carrying anger into old age is associated with higher levels of inflammation and chronic illness. Another study from this year found that anger reduces our ability to see things from other people’s perspective.

      “Holding onto a grudge really is an ineffective strategy for dealing with a life situation that you haven’t been able to master. That’s the reality of it,” said Dr. Frederic Luskin, founder of the Stanford Forgiveness Project."

      If you are holding on to a single grudge or many, this article has suggestions on how to get over grudges. Good luck and share your success (or failure)!

    • Dr. Frederic Luskin is right! resentment It doesn't make you see things objectively and makes you live badly. I carried with me for many years the resentment of not having been able to follow the studies I wanted because my mother who prevented me and I kept repeating "if".. "maybe".. but in the end, when I realized that this would not have changed my life anyway, I put this grudge aside and was able to concentrate my skills on my current job. later I received great satisfaction 👍