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    • At first glance I thought this was a photo taken on the moon based on the high contrast and sharp shadows, but then I noticed the horse (or donkey?), the plant matter on the ground, and the glint in the background.

      My guess: this photo was taken from just inside a partially open barn door with the bright morning or evening sun shining through it, and I think the contrast has been dialed up quite a bit in post. 🙂

      Edit: But I just noticed this conversation has the topic "cows", so now I'm thinking that's not a horse. 🐮

    • It's a cow. I suspect it is uncertain about venturing out because their eyes have a hard time processing sharp contrast and the shadow/light line probably looks scary...

    • Yeah its a calf not willing to come out of shadows. As some of you related to Moon, this was exact reaction by some of my friends.