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    • I am really, really excited to see this motorcycle in person when it will finally hit the dealers showroom (hopefully not IF). OK so far nothing special, sounds like any other new model from any manufacturer. But with Moto Guzzi, Piaggio notwithstanding or rather (imho) quite getting in the way of how Mandello Del Lario does design and build motorcycles, it will be exciting news. Ok, so for whom? For me! I love the Guzzi brand, and I am far from being one of those weirdos who owns a garage full. Ok maybe not so far from the weirdo part. As you will probably notice there still is a name picking tombola going on. Dealers? What exactly is a dealer - when it comes to Moto Guzzi?! Hahahaha! BTW I totally disagree with the comment "aging Stelvio" and think that design should have been perfected to become the flagship ADV Guzzi..

    • They did a nice job on the website....not too over the top but since I am a web guy, some cool little nuances and the info delivery was great. Very sexy looking steed.

    • I recently talked with my local Guzzi dealer (a "mom and pop" shop (actually two brothers) who have been bike dealers since 1971, and are not shills for the manufacturer) about the v85 and they are really excited about it. That makes me interested, and I think I have gotten all i can out of my current bike. I wouldn't buy a first year model, as i will wait for them to get the bugs out of it. Can't wait to see it in person!

    • I currently have a 2016 year model Stelvio, the last year they were produced before next Euro emissions level. I never get tired of riding it. For me no other motorcycle I had prompted me to go out and ride quite like that, with no particular destination, just ride it for the pure joy of the experience. It now has near 40,000 miles since Fall of 2016 when I bought it new. The feel and sound, the handling, rock solid stable.. everything about it is so inviting. This joy comes at a price - it's heavy as a tank, but you only notice that off road in the more technical maneuvers. I am hoping the new one will shed enough weight and I will love it as a companion for it's bigger sibling in the garage. But even being less than wow on paper, in my experience one can't truly appreciate a Guzzi until they ride it for some extended time.

    • Good question! I think some Mosko Moto soft panniers would blend well and be useful, and not be a permanent eye sore. The factory may also chose to adopt some of the industry standard hard luggage and additionally perhaps have a choice of injection molded, form sculpted, plastic ones. I don't mind sacrificing plastic panniers in a tip over, they could save the frame from the stress a hard luggage rack can impact on it.

    • @Dracula Were you that guy that mother's would not let Johnie go out and play with? Cuz, I came so close to pulling the trigger on this bike this afternoon. I think the vintage bike I was looking at was an internet scam - after our snow last week in Vegas today it is 70, blue skies and perfect. So, I thought to myself....what would it hurt to go look at Guzzi's....? LOL

      This is the bike I almost pulled the trigger on.....But, it would be a poor business decision...I saw a new one in San Diego for sale for only $7K and it would be a great photo prop but I got too many other things on my plate for now. I should block all your moto posts from here on out. LOL j/k

    • You should test ride one, or better, a few of them, see if any "speaks" to you. That's how "they" got me hooked to buy the first one! And if you look at used ones, although they were so far all produced at low volume so as some are almost unique, Guzzi's aren't usually known for their resale value (unlike other brands we know) - so luck would have it you'd run into some truly great deal. Check out cycletrader:

      They are like wine, get better the more time you own, ride them, get to know their quirks, and wrench on them. They're kind of a hands on approach - not too difficult to work on at all - but require just enough to make you put effort and create that true bond. Don't listen to me I'm just on my second in three years and already have near 100,000 miles between the two and plenty stories to tell. But if you want to ask any question on Guzzi's, let me know.

    • These guys did not have any demo rides and they would not let you test drive one until you have basically signed a contract. Euro Cycle seems to be a national-sort-of-network and the shop I visited basically offered sticker plus tax plus plus plus. Their brother store in San Diego has a new one for $7000 where I would not pay sales tax, license and all that other BS.

      But, again, it would be irresponsible as I should buy some sort of personal watercraft that I can take clients out on and also do some exploring.

    • This was sold already at the was a little too sexy for me....I liked the subtleties of the Carbon....I think this is what I am going to get for the summer instead....I will probably be better doing wheelies with this than any full-sized motorcycle I have owned. lol

    • I reckon you could plan doing that at the Venetian, as they have water ways, or perhaps Bellagio, that would catch the audience!