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    • Guilty.

      There was a moment when that plane was heading straight at me that I wondered ... but hey.

      Let's see 'em.

    • If you look at his speedo he's still doing 28kph on one wheel and closing fast, but it was the shot.

      On the next pass he crashed, I got out of the bike's way and caught him - literally - not photographically. Fortunately he was only little.

    • Fabulous shots, Dave. Wowsa.

      Apparently, you and I have the same defect. @neduro apologized for almost taking me out with this wheelie, but I didn't mind because he didn't and I got the shot:

    • One of the worst ones was photographing the Crusty Demons from inside the arena.

      They actually launch wrecked bikes off a ramp aiming at photographers - on purpose - to see how close they can get. Some of those shots are interesting - but unfortunately not licensed/allowed for reproduction.