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    • I was conversating with @petebocken about Happiness and he shared this remark that I found quite profound.

      Sad, we all want happiness, but don’t exactly know how to get it. 😭

      Maybe it subconsciously encouraged me to be more mirthful today: a humorous reply I made on Twitter has been liked over 50 times in the past two hours and has been already viewed almost two thousand times.

      It’s been awhile since my last viral, so it will be interesting to see how long this one lasts.

      What’s your funniest tweet that you’ve created?

      Would love to see it.

    • I never tweeted to anyone, never felt the need to. Actually, as I think about it, people just tweet to let the world know something they feel should be expressed. I know this sounds retarded but what am I missing?

    • Hey Drac,

      Twitter allows you up to 288 characters per tweet to express yourself. Your previous comment would easily fit in a tweet with characters to spare.

      If you are of a political discussion bent, there are political discussions that happen there within those constraints.

      Some people will create an essay on a topic by chaining several tweets together like this.

      Could you get the above with Cake without all the trolls and 288 character limits?

      Yes, which is why Cake is ultimately a better platform.

      One of the things that Twitter does extremely well is extremely short form comedy. It’s a day brightener to scroll through your feed and come across one of these.