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    • Fun! The drive through that part of Colorado is really beautiful. Like driving through a western movie. 🤠

      I'll take any excuse I can find to go on a good road trip. Finding an excuse is easy, but finding the time is hard. Last summer my grandparents were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary in Texas, so I took the opportunity to drive down from Oregon. It was a lot of fun and was a great way to break in my new car!

      One of the coolest things I saw on that trip was this incredible view of the Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls, Idaho. I had never been through that part of Idaho before and had no idea this canyon was even there until I drove over the bridge into Twin Falls after getting off the highway.

      Suddenly seeing this beautiful green canyon open up under me after driving through hundreds of miles of mostly featureless high desert was truly breathtaking.

    • When I used to be into "racing" I would totally plan my trip around a triathlon or half marathon. I.e. San Francisco for swim Alcatraz or Palm Springs for a triathlon. I liked the idea of justifying the excursion but I see many of my racing friends get so obsessed about the racing portion they cannot chill to do any quality vacationing or adventuring. I guess hard to do it all.

      My last trip to Southern Utah was all about trying to get two calendar worthy shots for the November and December slots. I can justify any adventure. hahahaha

    • Travel is the best thing one can do, excuses and reasons are not necessary- Time and money are.

      Inexpensive adventure travel that involves obstacles and challenges leaves open the door for synchronicity and flow-

      All travel is good, the more often you do it the more the draw. I travel often as part of my career and always enjoy it. Fortunate to travel with my wife well, and take motorcycle trips as often as possible.