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    • I saw this billboard in the UK for The Alchemist in London's offerings of Augmented Reality cocktails - something I hadn't previously heard of - and was intrigued to learn more about them.

      Apparently it's an augmented reality (AR) cocktail menu called The Conjurer that "aims to tell the story behind each cocktail, and can also help imbibers unlock a hidden cocktail." Designs and animations unlocked "allow customers to choose from a select list of mixes inspired by fantasy realms, ranging from a seaside circus to pillaging pirate ships, and everything in between."

      While I didn't get the chance to try these myself, The Alchemist has several locations that specialize in molecular mixology food and drink, so if I see these in the future, I'll have to check them out. Would you try out an augmented reality beverage or food item?

    • Absolutely. I know it's a bit gimmicky but if they put this much effort into their menu then cocktails have to be pretty good (and probably pricey but I figure I'm paying for the experience).

      I'm really digging the cocktail renaissance we seem to be living in these days. I think it's largely driven by social media like Instagram and Snapchat because it seems like the most notorious cocktail bars are spending as much effort on the spectacle as they are on the ingredients (I'm not complaining, just speculating).