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    • Outer space absolutely fascinates me. It always has and it always will. I was just curious if anyone has a favorite planet in our solar system that they think is most cool or interesting. It’s really hard to pick one! Mercury is awesome because it’s so close to the sun, has a really quick orbit, and is either really hot or really cold depending if its day or night. Venus is dope because it’s so earthlike in its size yet so un-earthlike by being so hot. It’s like Earth’s evil twin. Earth is simply amazing because we’re the only planet that is known to support intelligent life in the entire universe. I’m confident there are others, but still, we live on a pretty dope planet when you consider its diversity and complexity of life. Mars is fun because of its red color and rumors of possibility being suitable for life. 

      Going beyond the asteroid belt, we have Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. A gas giant with a great red spot. A storm that could fit three earths inside it. The volatility, color, and sheer viciousness of Jupiter make it super interesting. Provided you don’t get too close to it! Saturn is just so pretty with its color and rings. An icy beauty hovering in space. Uranus is often forgotten, but its color is beautiful and also the fact that its spin axis is tilted by 98 degrees! That means it spins on its side! That’s pretty wild! As for Neptune, it’s the last gas giant in our solar system, but not to be forgotten. It has that deep blue color and volatile storms that rival Jupiter. It had a great dark spot of its own that disappeared and has since been replaced by a different dark storm somewhere else on the planet. Lots of mystery and intrigue with Neptune. 

      Finally, Pluto. I know it’s no longer a planet, but it still is one in our hearts. A small, icy world with more complexity than we realized. It has an atmosphere and five small moons. This has always been my favorite planet, but given it’s no longer one, I would have to roll with Neptune as my new favorite. Deep space I find to be so interesting. So, the deeper you go in the solar system, the more interesting I find a planet to be! But that’s just me. Anyone have thoughts on this topic? What is your favorite planet?  And it’s totally cool if you say Earth. Our planet is freaking amazing! 

    • Can we talk for a minute about the arrogance of the Earth’s moon calling itself Moon? Ganymede of Jupiter and Titan of Saturn are the largest moons in the solar system and yet they don’t call themselves Moon.

      (And of course, Jupiter is my favorite planet: the fact that Earth could fit inside the red spot, a storm that’s raged for over a hundred years, is awe inspiring.)

    • The seventh episode of the first season OF TWILIGHT ZONE was about a man who was sentenced to live the rest of his life all by himself on his own private world.

      If a human had to choose between the largest planet on which one man could live alone and a planet which can sustain the largest human population, I'd recommend the latter.

      Earth, FTW.

    • All the other moons simply came by the name because they bear a resemblance to The Moon. Suggesting that the Moon should now change its name because some of these Johnny-come-lately satellites are larger is just blatant cultural appropriation. 🌝

      (Huh. That moon emoticon looks much more smiley in edit mode. Oh well)