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    • In the fall I bought Luminar 4 before its release, it was on a $79 special, and promptly forgot about it until yesterday when I did the download.

      I wanted an alternative to Adobe products and the features in the new Luminar 4 are unique that in Adobe PS/ LR would take a lot of time doing selection, masking and layers, time I don't always have.

      I found the portrait options interesting, but I personally prefer an image of an individual in their natural state.

      The one feature that really interested me was the 'sky replacement', while traveling it's not always an option to sit and wait for the right sky, in the right location, with the sun in the perfect position, this is where I figured Luminar 4 would come in on occasion to 'help'.

      If you're not familiar, this -

      As I only downloaded it yesterday I was wondering if any others have used it, experiences, quick tips or good tutorials to be able to get the most out of the program, rather than fumbling around?

      It appears Luminar themselves have a good array of tutorials here but are there others than can put it across in a different style. The none-company people always seemed to find cool features that the company for whatever reason fail to mention

    • Very cool video on AI Sky. I was impressed that it could handle inserting sky with translucent trees.

      Do you think it could take a rainy sky and turn it to a sunshine sky? I would think that shadows on terrain and objects would look different for each sky and would “give away” the photo enhancement.

    • in one video I saw someone had a clear blue sky in a city skyline. They added a cloudy sky but the reflection in the mirrored glass buildings was still a clear blue sky. So I guess you have to pick your battles

    • That's pretty impressive. I've replaced a sky here and there, but always with a sky I shot. If you replace a sky with a canned sky... is it really still your photo?

    • no i guess not, but if you edit in another sky (you shot) in a different photo then that's not the photo you took either.

      Depends I guess if you feel people are judging your shots or you are making them more interesting for people to look at, but if you are doing editorial different rules again

    • A few months ago, when Luminar 4 was announced, I too considered switching to it from Lightroom. I watched all of the videos of the upcoming features, including the sky replacement and beautification tools.

      If I were still in the wedding photography industry, switching to it would be a no-brainer. However, I decided that it wasn't worth switching from Lightroom since I rarely need these tools and won't be saving that much time.

      Pretty happy with the Lightroom Classic for now. I'll take another look when the next version of Luminar is out.

    • I'm considering it. I'm not a fan of the subscription model so I never adopted light room, and this looks like a good alternative.

      I think what bugs me about the sky replacement isn't so much replacing the sky, as replacing the sky with potentially the same collection of skies everyone else is replacing their sky with. It wouldn't be my reason to buy the app, but I can see other good reasons to do so.

    • I just added it as an extra not as a replacement, each has unique features and actually found they seem to work well together.

      I'm with you on the LR classic, but a few months back it was glitching, this was when I went looking