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    • Yeah, true - but I haven't actually watched any since they worked out why Junior Seau passed away.

      It feels ... wrong, knowing what their risks are. I'm the same with our Rugby codes. I've moved on. No interest.

      As for MMA - that's just completely messed up. They may as well be Romans.

      Hoops r us.

    • I am a hoops guy for sure. I just love the grace of the sport and the fact that it is much safer.

      I do agree that football and rugby have serious issues to work out. And I have zero interest in MMA. Barbaric sport.

      In terms of the future of football, I think flag football is the only thing that can save it. That way, you still get the grace and finesse, some contact, but you eliminate the violent collisions that lead to the serious head trauma. Flag football is the future, imo. Could you do a flag version of rugby?

    • Could you do a flag version of rugby?

      Like NFL it's more than a contact sport - it's a 'collision' sport.

      Contact with head is strictly against the rules, but the nature of the games makes some impacts to the melon inevitable - most likely from hitting the turf hard.

      The codes have introduced concussion protocols, but it's a professional sport. Rule bending to advantage is part of the caper.

      There are flag versions and non contact variants already, but they are small time fitness sports compared to the pro leagues and unions.