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    • When the frontmost feature on the new MacOS is a change in look and feel, is Apple reaching the end of what it can accomplish in the laptop OS? If so, does it matter?

    • That's an interesting question but can I say how much I love dark mode? I love photos and they simply look so much better against a dark background. SmugMug began its life in dark mode way back in 2002 and we were roundly criticized for it because one of the #1 principles of good web design at the time was no light font on dark backgrounds. Displays have come a long way since then. In fact, the #1 rule of photographers back then was no flat screens.

      But your bigger question, what's going on with them and innovation for laptops & Mac Minis? My fil called to ask about new Mac Minis because his is from 2012 and I had to tell him they haven't been updated since 2015 and some people still buy the 2012 version used because they were so good.