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    • When the frontmost feature on the new MacOS is a change in look and feel, is Apple reaching the end of what it can accomplish in the laptop OS? If so, does it matter?

    • That's an interesting question but can I say how much I love dark mode? I love photos and they simply look so much better against a dark background. SmugMug began its life in dark mode way back in 2002 and we were roundly criticized for it because one of the #1 principles of good web design at the time was no light font on dark backgrounds. Displays have come a long way since then. In fact, the #1 rule of photographers back then was no flat screens.

      But your bigger question, what's going on with them and innovation for laptops & Mac Minis? My fil called to ask about new Mac Minis because his is from 2012 and I had to tell him they haven't been updated since 2015 and some people still buy the 2012 version used because they were so good.

    • That's only one of the dark mode extensions that exists. Personally I prefer "Dark Reader". But obviously the extension needs access to the websites you visit in order to change the background and text colors :)

    • I prefer keeping it as simple as possible, because some extensions sometimes slow down the browser, but I am going to try it, it's too tempting as I really love the all black scheme on everything. It's so much easier on the eye. As far as permissions, I wish they were more clear what exactly they alter (or more importantly could alter) but again we put our faith in using whatever software we choose to, these days, so I guess no arguments there. Thank you.

    • No problem, well, no matter what they alter the permission they need would still be the same... I've been using the Dark Reader extension for years on Google Chrome and find that it does not slow things down at all. Yesterday I also installed it on Safari (you have to pay for it on Safari while it is free to use on chrome) and so far it seems to me but it does slow down page loading. But I can't live without such an extension because I tend to use my computer late at night and the screen is blinding to look at.