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    • I just finished reading an interesting book about dating (The Age of Everything: How Science Explores the Past by Matthew Hedman). No, not human relationships but dating the age of things such as the pyramids, ancient artifacts, the age of our solar system and the age of the universe. As an avid reader of science books, I had a general idea of how these dating methods worked but this book gave me a much better understanding of how things are dated and some of the challenges involved.

      The basis for scientific understanding is often built on a foundation of the age of things and their relative ages. Developing more knowledge of how things are dated by scientists allows the reader to develop a better sense of the strength (and weakness) of science and scientific answers.

      As someone who doesn't believe in god, I look to science to provide answers about the universe around me. Having read this book I feel I have taken a step closer to understanding my world and my place in it. Well worth reading.

    • I've put this on my to-read shelf in Goodreads. I love books that prompt me to think about things like you've mentioned. You should try out Yuval Noah Harari's books: "Sapiens" and "Homo Deus", they are two of my favourites.

    • Yeah I've had numerous people tell me I should read that book. I've read numerous books on anthropology, human evolution and the like in recent years so this book has been pushed down my to do list but I'll keep it in mind.