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    • I have a local fireproof NAS by IO Safe ( - called the 218 now) and connect it to my router via Ethernet cable so it's fast enough to act as a hard drive.

      I actually wrote about this topic on Scott Kelby's blog a while back -

      Like Scott, I had a Drobo disaster that made me move away from that platform and go with Synology. While I did have one Synology scare and wasn't impressed with their response either, my two Synology based NAS have been very reliable and serving me well. My only problem is that I've filled two up despite 5 x 6TB configurations in both.

    • I've upgraded the drives a few times over the years, but for the last year or so I've been running four WD Red 6TB drives. I've always used WD NAS drives and they've been great.

    • thanks for the info above, I've added a synology 4 bay to my shopping list.

      Also, found this thread by using search, I hadn't realised search was so well implemented.

    • just added a synology 4 bay nas and 5 wd red drives to my basket in amazon. It's a little expensive but looks to be a huge step up from the readynas nvx I'm currently using.

      thanks for the help guys :)

    • That is the setup I have been using now for the past 6 months....overall a good setup but the configuration has been a tad confusing and using it as a regular access point has been frustrating (versus just as a backup)....The overall Synology package is way more complex than I would ever need but I trust the super-wonks that endorse this platform. If I was more experienced in network systems I suspect this platform would really impress me. I now have 24TB on Synology and 3X 4-6TB usb drives....I am good for awhile until Sony announces they too, have a 100MP camera to sell. hahahahahahah

    • I haven't seen firmware updates for the nvx in a couple of years and, without checking the readynas forums, don't think it can support the 6tb+ drives. This purchase should do me for a good few years and, after watching videos of the user interface, I'm impressed.

      I retire later this year and want to get back into sports photography. I also use plex as a media server and have a lot of movies and tv shows ripped and stored on the nas.

      It should be a good investment.

    • But seriously, 10 years of my stuff fits on a 3TB USB drive.

      Monthly Magazine work is like the magazines - mostly disposable, so I keep the 30 or so images I send to the mag on a backed up hard drive and the rest on USB as jpgs.

      Hobby, family and 'art' photos all fit in a folder on my hard drive.

    • My photos dont take up much storage but I have ripped a lot of movies and tv shows and use plex as a media centre. It's a great system.

    • Speaking of networks, this reminds me of the biggest flaw with NAS's -- IO on gigabit ethernet is sub-par. IO on internal hard disks or even external USB drives can be well above 1000 mbps read / write. A 10 gigabit ethernet home network is on my wishlist to have a faster connection with my NAS. I came across this recently and realized that it's actually reasonably attainable. At 10 gig ethernet, it would let me work off the NAS for photo and video editing, not just pipe content back and forth before and after working on a project.

    • I’ve carefully matched cat 6 cable for my hard wired devices - but the readynas is slow. I’m hoping for an improvement with the Synology.

    • Hey Kevin...thanks for posting sounds like after reading this, for my home network, I just need to install a 10 Gb/s card in my pc, get some cable and plug my PC right into my Synology it that simple? That is something I can do right away and it would make my life so much simpler. Then, when I need to access the files remotely it is only at an as needed basis.

    • Hey @kevin - Well, once again....I am not as smart as I think I am. LOL

      I bought the adapter and the CAT 7 cable and after installing the drivers my computer could not boot up correctly. I loved the idea and, I am sure it is do-able but, I could not figure it out.

      And, after calling Digital Storm (this was the second box I bought from them) and them never returning my call, Amazon issued a quick refund and it reminded me that I need to write a non-emotional terrible review of how Digital Storm has totally gone down hill. My first box and their service at the time was good...not great but good enough.

      This year I bought an Alienware laptop and it has worked flawlessly and I know I could get a Dell person on the phone.

      So, the good news I learned I am not that smart, I hate my Digital Storm box and I appreciate Amazon not flinching in the $200+ return.